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Francesco Hayez (1791–1882) Title The Kiss Date 1859 Francesco Hayez (1791–1882) Title The Kiss Date 1859
Liber Mysterium

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Use this skill to seduce someone using the witch's own alluring assets. Seducing someone generally requires communication between the witch and her target. When the witch seduces someone, she is not necessarily getting him or her into a sexual situation. Obviously, the witch may only use this skill on targets that could naturally become attracted to her, so heterosexual targets of the same sex obviously could not be affected by it. Obviously, many types of monsters can not be seduced - undead and constructs cannot, nor can most outsiders, beasts, aberrations, or elementals. GM's have final say on who can and can't be seduced.

Check: This skill works in two ways, depending on the witch's intent. True seduction, when trying to gain the attention of someone with only the intent of a ·romantic relationship· so to speak, roll a skill check with a DC equal to 10 + target's hit dice + their Wisdom modifier) Success means that the target is enamoured with the witch. Failure by more than 5 means the witch's attempt went unnoticed. By less than 5, the witch's intents were known but were rejected anyway.

When attempting to seduce someone for another reason (to get information out of them, try and get them to do something, etc.), the target first makes a Sense Motive check opposed to the witch's skill roll. If the target succeed, he knows of the witch's intentions. Regardless of his roll, the target must make a level check as above, except this time if he succeeded his Sense Motive check, he knows of the witch's true intentions, and the witch suffers a -10 to her skill check. If the witch succeed at her skill check, the target becomes enamoured of her. When dealing with a target that is enamoured, the witch can gain a +3 bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks against that target, with an additional +1 bonus for every two points the witch beats the DC by.

Some NPCs do not need to be seduced; they simply might be promiscuous. When GM's determine that the target is ready and willing to engage in any sort of sexual activity, the witch gains a +5 bonus, with no chance to be rejected as noted above. Sometimes, just because a person was enamoured does not mean they would be willing to engage in any sort of sexual activities. If the target has a viable reason not to engage in any sort of sexual activity (for instance, a celibate paladin, or a happily married shopkeeper), he receives a will saving throw with the DC of the skill check to keep from engaging in any sort of risqué activity.

GMs would be encouraged to add in any other modifiers they deem necessary (for instance, a man married for 23 years happily is less likely to fall for a seductress than a man who's never been wed.). In situations like the above, they receive a +1 bonus for each year they've been involved in a relationship, plus their significant others Charisma modifier. For characters celibate because of their class (like the above example, a particular order of celibate paladins, or a witch with the celibate casting feat), they may add their total levels of the class in their saving throw. For instance, if trying to seduce a level 4 witch/level 6 rogue, the celibate casting feat is obviously part of the witch's abilities, not the rogue's, so the target would receive a +4 bonus to their saving throw.

Retry: Yes, however, it may be useless because after the initial check fails, the target probably will be more likely to resist to seducer. All further attempts to seduce a target who passed a Sense Motive check once automatically fails the initial opposed skill roll, though the target still has the chance to fail his will save.

Special: If the witch has 5 or more ranks in Bluff, Sense Motive, or Diplomacy, she gains a +2 synergy bonus to those skills. These bonuses stack. Also, the witch's Gather Information checks gain a +2 synergy bonus assuming she can question people she could seduce, however, her ranks in Gather Information provide no bonus to her seduction skill.


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