To Diseases
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Type disease, contact, inhaled, or injury; Save Fortitude DC 12 negates, Fortitude DC 20 to avoid effectsOnset 2d4 weeks; Frequency 1/weekEffect 1d2 Charisma damage; Cure 2 consecutive savesTerrifyingly common, leprosy is spread by victims of the disease through direct—even casual—contact. Leprosy results in skin lesions, extreme nasal congestion, and wounds that do not heal. A highly visible malady, leprosy can permanently disfigure those who don’t receive magical aid. If left untreated, the victim develops sores and becomes easily fatigued. While leprosy can prove difficult to contract, few overcome the disease once infected. When exposed to leprosy, a character must make a DC 12 Fortitude save to resist the disease. If he fails, once the affliction’s incubation time passes and symptoms begin showing, the save to recover from the malady increases to DC 20. Suffering from a slow deterioration, particularly hardy lepers can remain quite active for years after first exhibiting signs of the disease.
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To Diseases

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