Ape Wrestler (General, Barbarian)

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Author Patrick Younts
Series Quintessential Series
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2004
Pages 128
ISBN 1-904854-31-1
OGL Section 15 qbbnii
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In the jungles of the far south, barbarian warriors practice a peculiar custom, a dangerous ritual of manhood that only the most insane, or the most brave, would ever consider. Striding naked into the jungle, these warriors seek out and wrestle great albino apes, overcoming them with courage and strength alone. Though few return, those who succeed are accorded great respect amongst all the southern tribes. You are one such survivor, a warrior so skilled at wrestling that you fight with the fury of a man twice your size.

Prerequisites: Dexterity 13+, Strength 13+, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple

Benefits: You are considered to be one size larger for the purposes of all grappling checks.

Special: You can select this feat a second time. Should you do so, then the character is still considered to be one size larger but opponents of above Large size are considered one size smaller for the purposes of determining their size bonuses to opposed grapple checks.

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