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Swarm Cockroaches
Medium-Size vermin (Swarm of Fine Creatures)
Hit Dice 4d8+4 (22 hp)
Initiative +3
Speed 20 ft.
AC 13 (+3 Dexterity), touch 13, flat-footed 11
Attacks Swarm
Damage Swarm 1d6 plus disease
Face/Reach 5 ft./0 ft.
Special Attacks Distraction (DC 13), disease (DC 13)
Special Qualities Swarm traits, vermin traits
Saves Fort +5, Ref +4, Will +1
Abilities Strength 1, Dexterity 16, Constitution 13, Intelligence —, Wisdom 10, Charisma 2
Climate/Terrain Any land or underground
Organization Swarm
Challenge Rating 2
Alignment Always neutral

Distraction (Ex) Any nonmindless creature vulnerable to the swarm damage of the brood of roaches that begins its turn with a swarm in its square it nauseated for 1 round. A Fortitude save (DC 13) negates the effect. Spellcasting or concentrating on spells within the area of a swarm requires a Concentration check (DC 20 + spell level). Using skills requiring patience and Concentration requires a Concentration check (DC 20).

Disease (Ex) The brood of cockroaches lives in filth. Creatures who suffer damage from the swarm must make Fortitude saves (DC 13) or become afflicted with Filth fever.

natural rock

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