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Lorenzo Lotto (1480–1556) Title: Altare di Santa Lucia, Tavola: Santa Lucia davanti al giudice Date1532

Lorenzo Lotto (14801556) Title: Altare di Santa Lucia, Tavola: Santa Lucia davanti al giudice Date1532

Crime and Punishment
Author Keith Baker
Series Campaign Style
Publisher Atlas Games
Publish date 2003
Pages 160
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Knowledge (law) provides you with information of all manner of legal systems — both the specific laws of the nations you know of and the general principles of legal theory.

Check: You can make a skill check to determine whether you are about to engage in an illegal activity, or to check on any point relating to the laws of the land. If you have access to a library, you can use this skill to dig up obscure legal clauses and precedents. You may use this skill with any culture you are familiar with; if you travel into a completely unknown land, you will have to engage in basic research before you can use your legal knowledge. However, once you have established a few ground rules, you can generally get a sense of the values of a society.

Special: Knowledge (law) covers all types of societies and legal systems. However, characters who possess Knowledge (nobility) may use that skill to gain information about the legal systems of feudal societies, while characters with Knowledge (religion) may use it in connection with theocratic societies.

Alternatively, a character with at least five ranks in Knowledge (nobility) or Knowledge (religion) may take a +2 synergy bonus when using

Knowledge (law) in the appropriate type of society. If you have at least five ranks in Knowledge (law), you receive a +2 synergy bonus to your Diplomacy check when you plead a case in a common law court.

Knowledge (local) overlaps with Knowledge (law). If you are familiar with a city, you can make a Knowledge (local) check to determine if a particular act would be illegal.

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To Knowledge Skill

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